Top 5 Best WordPress Church Themes

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Are you looking for the finest WP church themes? Nowadays, most WordPress themes are configured and designed to cater to the needs of a personal or business websites. This way it becomes very difficult to find good themes for religious organizations.

There are various reasons why people want to start a church website. You can share your message, you can create the website to accept the donation from all followers. In the world of digital economy, it is good to have a website for a church as well.

If you ask for any generic niche, then Genesis child themes are best to start any website. But church themes are little different with specific needs. That’s the reason you need a special church theme.

In the following article, we will be discussing the top 5 best church themes to use for your website:

1.    Marantha

Marantha is one of the finest modern church themes available today, which will inspire and attract your audience. A good church website is not just a place where you go to search for the time when a specific service start, rather it should be a source of motivation, guidance and inspiration.

Your theme should be able to leave an ever lasting imprint on the person’s mind, regardless of the fact whether the member was a member of your church or not. This is one of the biggest reasons that Marantha is the best theme available, as it allows you to organize your sermons in five different ways.

2.    Benevolence

Benevolence is built to be extremely user-friendly using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 technologies, which allows it to be fast and responsive. You can choose from eleven different post type, which can allow you to format your site as per your requirements and needs. It comes multilingual and translation ready.

Moreover, the theme also offers several church specific features such as Projects, Sponsors, Ministries and Sermons. The events, phone galleries and news features are also incredibly beneficial for religion as well as non-profit organizations.

3.    Salvation

Salvation is a friendly and warm theme that features full-screen slider that immediately eases up the task for you. While it conveys a warm “feeling” to the user, it is also highly functional in all aspects.

It enables the users to access events management features, which in turns allow the visitors to book reservations. Moreover, you can also display any upcoming events or services and raise money for any cause, with PayPal integration.

4.    Church Suite

The church suite is an elegant and powerful theme that can inspire, enlighten and engage your visitors to do more good. The theme comes equipped with four different template, with more than 50 ore-designed pages, seven blog styles, five layouts and 9+2 header types, allowing for easy, quick and reliable functioning.

It features an easy to use interface that can allow you to create an events calendars, which features such as Google Maps navigation system, guest lists, and even ticket bookings. Church sermons can also be uploaded as well as indexed based on date, speaker and categories. PDF downloads, video and audio of the sermons can also be easily offered to the visitors. Furthermore, donation pages are easy to set up to aware everyone how the church will be helping out the people.

5.    X

X is one of the most brilliant themes out there for WordPress. It adds on various features into its design and makes it one the finest choice for your church site. It is one of the best-selling and top-rated themes, due to the fact it offers several customization options to the admin. The layouts are easy to work with, which in turn allow the admin to easily create webpages for the church, featuring all the important services.